This post was initially published on August 7, 2018.

I cam across Brett Terpstra's New in Markdown Service Tools: in-place Markdown to RTF - this morning. He has a collection of nice Markdown-related services. I typically take notes in Markdown format and had a number of them stored in Yojimbo. Unfortunately, Yojimbo does not render Markdown text so I always wished for a simple way to enter Markdown text into Yojimbo and have it rendered nicely.

So after finding the Markdown Service Tools, I installed md - Convert - MultiMarkdown to RTF immediately and tried a few Markdown text. Unfortunately, it did not work with my samples of Markdown text. Even though I already had multimarkdown installed via Homebrew, it just did not work on my Mac.

After messing with Automator this afternoon, I replaced multimarkdown and textutil with pandoc. After I figured out how to develop macOS service with Automator, I had a macOS service that converts selected Markdown text into RTF in Yojimbo (and other apps).