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I just bought a Astell & Kern AK70 media player this weekend. The AK70 runs an Android OS (I’m not sure which version) but its functionality is limited to music playback. I will not be replacing my iPhone as a music player, but I wanted something else to play music too.

The AK70 media player is not directly compatible with iTunes so iTunes does not synchronize music with it. In order to copy music from Mac to the AK70, you will need to install Android File Transfer.

Once Android File Transfer is installed, you can drag and drop the music files onto the AK70. For some reason, not all album arts transferred to the AK70. In order for the AK70 to show album art, you can place the album art file, cover.jpg or folder.jpg at album folder.

Since I didn’t want to download album art by myself, I downloaded Save Album Art to Album Folder. In order to rename all album art, you can run the following commands.

cd ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music
find . -name "*.jpg" -execdir mv {} "cover.jpg" \;

One all album art files are renamed, copy all music files to the AK70.

You may need to shutdown the AK70 and start it again before the AK70 shows all album art correctly.