About Me

Photo Credit: Takashi Yoshida

About Me

Um hello.

My name is Takashi and I am a software developer and I also play video games in my free time. I currently live and work in Singapore.

When I am not typing away some dumb code at my computer, you may find me playing video games (Halo 5). You can watch my past gameplay videos at my Youtube channel. Sometimes, I take photos and accidentally create short-circuits in electronics or cursing at some random stuff.

You can get in touch with me via:

What I do for work

I am a software developer currently employed in Singapore. I am currently working on an upgrade and expansion of integrated supervisory control system (ISCS) for North East Line train system in Singapore.

I also worked on a coastal surveillance system for four different countries.

For a list of my past work, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.